Vastu Expert in Peera Garhi - Gopal Vashisht

"Purpose of following Discipline of Vastu Shastra in a building is to activate divinity of enclosed space Called Vastu Purusha, Bestower of Health, Wealth, Peace and Happiness, otherwise called Vastu Dosha."

Right thing at right place gives balance required for positive and productive environment. Pain areas of life are visible as imbalance of respective directions. Imbalance of a direction is the root cause of pain and problem in related area of life with that direction. Imbalances are due to placement of activities, appliances, decorative and colors in inappropriate directions.

Gopal Vashisht gives understanding about powers of 16 directions and different quality each direction have e.g. Spirituality , Health, Happiness, Social Connectivity, Thinking, Money, Power, Peace, Expanses, Bonding, Study, Gains, Depression, Divine Help, Pleasures, Treasures etc.


Best Vastu Expert in Peera Garhi

Gopal Vashisht started his practice in the mystical world of Vastu and completed a period of many years. With this deep and profound knowledge, he has built an impressive image in the Vastu Society of India.

If you have the slightest inclination towards it and you feel that these simple tips can create harmony in your life then get your Home, Office, Showroom, Factory, Hotel, School, Hospital & Plot scanned by us to get suggestions for improvement.

Gopal Vashisht are professionally qualified and highly talented Vastu Experts and Researcher in planning and interior designing. We are specialized Vastu experts in Delhi/Ncr for vastu for Homes, Business Offices, Factories, Residential Lands, Industrial Analysis & Guidance and Cater various stages of services in this field.

We also help to sort out specific problem in households, offices, factories by suggesting the reliable solutions. Our Vastu Services will help you to Improve efficiency, enhance productivity and minimize downtime.